Importance Of A Shower Mat

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Importance Of A Shower Mat

Importance Of A Shower Mat – Did you know that over 150,000 people are injured each year by slipping and falling in a tub or a shower? This is probably not too big of a surprise given the fact that most tub or shower floors are smooth and lack of any traction. For this reason, in order to help keep you and your family safe, you will want to use a shower mat. The main purpose of using one of these mats is to provide you with a surface that will make it harder for you to slip.

There are different types of shower mats that you can get. Some are more decorative than others but they all help in some way to give your feet more traction and allow you to have a better grip of the floor you are standing on. Things like soap or shampoo can cause a regular shower floor to become even more slippery and if you aren’t careful, you can hurt yourself. The fact that showers are small make falling even worse since you are sure to hit something if you do fall such as the side of the shower, the door, or even the faucet.

What you will want to look for in a door mat is its ability to stick to the floor as well as provide you with secure footing. Some mats are better than others. You can get one of the many non slip shower mats for better support. Some mats will help prevent you from slipping by having a rough surface on the top but it might not be good at sticking to the floor. If some water and soap gets underneath it, this can cause the mat to move and slide which can cause you to slip and fall.

Importance Of A Shower Mat

Not all shower mats are used inside the tub or shower however. They can be used right outside your shower as well. Since your feet will be wet, there is still a danger of slipping on your bathroom floor. You can get a simple rug for this purpose but as you know, those can hold in water and can sometimes cause an odor. There are certain types of mats such as a teak shower mat that you can use which will not only give you a place to drain water from your feet and body but will also give your bathroom a nice look as well.

You can purchase any of these types of mats at bath stores as well as online. In terms of design and style, you will have a wide range of choices to choose from. You can get a round shower mat, a blue one, a large one, one that massages your feet, etc. When choosing a mat, you will want to make sure you get one that has a surface that will keep you safe. The bottom of the mat is important as well. You might want to get ones that have suction cups on the bottom so that it sticks to the floor better. You will also want to get ones that have holes in them to help