Settee – Great Addition To Your Home

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Settee – Great Addition To Your Home

Settee – Great Addition To Your HomeSettee is the term generally used in the United Kingdom for living room furniture, otherwise known as ‘couch’ or ‘divan’ or ‘love seat’, depending on the structure and capacity it can occupy. These furniture are made of a seat to be used by one or more persons with a purpose of sitting or relaxing and providing a structure to support your back and arms. Different materials are being used by manufacturers in various designs and structures to beautify your house.

If you are a person who loves antiques and have an antique theme in your mind for your living room, choosing a leather settee could be a better option. You can transform your living or dining room into a Victorian or vintage era look with designer and curvy framed settee (Italian & Mahogany woods give a better antique look) in multiple forms of leather (crocodile embossed, walnut leather). At the same time, you should remember to have a high budget in mind to afford such furniture. If you want to give a modern look with settees made of leather and have a medium budget in mind, you can opt for the lighter ones that come with high density foam to sit comfortably.

If you plan to give your room an elegant, versatile and bigger look, corner settee will suit very well. With the padded wings in various colors and hardwood frames, you can get a hand crafted designer settee for a better price matching your budget. If you are a ‘go green’ person, you can also opt for eco-friendly nitrocellulose (wood fiber) finish products made of organic elements. With its ergonomically designed, multiple density foam constructions, settee sofas can add contemporary look to you room and office.


You can have your furniture custom made, to suit with the color of the wall and sealing, also to match with other furniture of your interior. It is very important to learn and understand how to protect and maintain your settee, since you invest a huge amount on these products. Oversized settee covers can protect your outdoor settee furniture from rain, sun and pollution. Such slip-on covers with the ties in the elastic bottom help to secure the furniture and ventilated for better air circulation. You need to check the size and material of the covers to provide complete coverage to your furniture, and stay flexible to sustain the climatic changes.

There are cleaning solutions and spot cleaners available to clean these types of furniture. You have to make sure to use a cleaning product that is suitable to your furniture specification. For example, leather cleaning shampoo, conditioners need to be used for the leather furniture. Periodic cleaning by using professional cleaning services are recommended for a better maintenance of your settee, as the professionals would know the best methods to clean the type of fabric or leather it is made of.